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Google Ads Agency in Austin, TX

Get more traffic, more leads, and your phones ringing by partnering with the PPC and Google Ads company in Austin that know SMBs and paid search.

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Local Google Ads & PPC For Your Business That Deliver Results!

We're proud to be your go-to Google Ads Agency in Austin and cover these areas in Travis county:

✔️ Austin

✔️ Pflugerville

✔️ Lakeway

✔️ West Lake Hills

✔️ The Hills

✔️ Bee Cave

✔️ Lago Vista

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Help Your Customers Find You When They Search Google

Google Search Ads

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Google Ads allow you to show up in the paid listings at the top of Google search results pages when customers search for your services.

Google Local Service Ads

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Google Local Service Ads is a pay-per-lead service which allows you to advertise your business at the very top of Google’s search results page.

Why Google Ads?

  • Everyone Googles: Lots of people use Google every day, that's a lot of chances for them to see your ad.

  • Quicker results: Google Ads can start working faster than other digital marketing channels, unlike things like SEO that take 6 months to a year. However, expect to gather data in the first few months. Also you show up on the first page (if you win the keyword bid).

  • You can choose who sees it: You can make sure your ad gets seen by the right people based on where they live or what they are interested in.

  • Just pay for results: You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not just for showing it.

  • Get your name out there: Even if people don't click on your ad, they still see it and may remember your name.

  • Easy to keep track of: You can see exactly how many people saw your ad and clicked on it, helping you understand if your ad is working.

  • Lots of options: You can put up different media types of ads like pictures, search results, videos, and more.

  • Get ahead of the competition: If your competitors are not using Google Ads, your business can show up in searches while theirs doesn't.

  • More visitors to your website and brand awareness: Google Ads can help you get more people visiting your website.

  • Remind people about you: Google Ads can show your ad again to people who have seen it or visited your website before, reminding them about you.. a.k.a. retargeting.


Metrics Matter To Us

When it comes to Google Ads, tracking and measuring results is key.


Our dedicated and experienced PPC specialists look at key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • How much money was spent and how?

  • What was your average cost per click?

  • What was the average cost per lead?

  • What was your Conversion Rate?


We believe that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why conversion tracking is so important.

KPI tracking allows us to make all paid search and retargeting campaigns work for our clients’ unique business goals.


We perform routine split testing, headline updates, and fine-tuning to make sure you are getting the best return on investment.

What To Expect From Us

Keyword Research

We perform in-depth keyword research in your area and also set negative keywords, so you’re only serving ads to the right customers.


Competitor Analysis

We complete a market analysis of your search area and competitors to get you higher ad positioning and lower cost per lead.

Data-driven Ads & Testing

Split testing ad copy and landing pages ensures the best-performing ads, to get our clients high quality leads at a lower cost per click.


Customized Approach

Pay-per-click campaigns give you the ability to scale lead generation and your marketing budget as you see fit.

FAQs About Google Ads

Q: How much does it cost to hire an agency for Google Ads? A: It differs depending on the agency but there are typically two things to consider: 1. The management fee from the agency which is usually a monthly fee and typically a 3-month minimum fee to help you see momentum. For our pricing visit our Pricing page for details. For agencies expect anywhere from $500 to $5000 or higher depending on the complexity of the campaign and goals. 2. Ad spend: This is the amount you pay to Google directly instead of the agency. This also needs to be considered because the cost of keywords and competition of those keywords matter. What we've found is the more competitive the keyword the more likely it is to be expensive because you're competing with other brands for the "space" of that ad placement.

Q: Is a Google Ads agency worth it? A: We've found that actually Google Ads are not for everyone. There are many factors to consider: 1. Are our ideal customers searching for our keywords that we can afford to pay for? 2. Do we have budget for hiring an agency to run and optimize our campaigns and pay ad spend to Google? 3. Do we have optimized landing pages for the goals we want to accomplish so that the traffic we send to the page easily converts for what we want? As you can see it is worth it if you answer these questions thoroughly.

Q: How do I find the right Google ad agency? A: I usually tell clients to be straight forward and ask for results. When you ask for case studies from agencies (ideally in the same industry) then you'll have the peace of mind of that agency running your Google Ads. However, keep in mind that some agencies haven't worked in every industry but still can apply the fundamentals of Google Ads to your business. Also, you need to consider what your budget is. If you don't have the budget to hire an agency then you'll need to go the DIY route and learn how to set up Google Ads yourself. We offer plenty of resources for you regarding this topic.

Q: Should I manage my own Google Ads? A: Whether you "should" manage your own Google Ads depends on several factors: 1. Do you have the time to learn the ever evolving platform to setup, test, and optimize your Google Ads campaigns? 2. Have you done the research on the keywords that align with your ideal audience? 3. Have you optimized your landing pages to ensure that your Google Ads convert based on your goals? 4. Do you have enough ad spend to pay Google directly as well? If you have the money and little-to-no time then I'd suggest hiring an expert to do this for you.

Q: Is Google Ads still worth it? A: If customers are searching for your brand or keywords related to your brand at a high volume and medium-to-low competition then the answer is a resounding YES. If you have the budget for ad spend and an ad agency like ours we can certainly setup, manage, and optimize your Google Ads campaigns. Our various case studies have drastically increased traffic for our clients oftentimes by over 200% higher traffic, thus leading to more leads and sales.

Q: What does a Google Ads agency do? A: All Google Ads agencies can be different but what we do at Red Rat Media is: 1. Do the planning and keyword research for you to help understand what customers are searching for online 2. We use that data to help drive the keywords (branded and non-branded) to ensure you get impressions and clicks to your landing pages. 3. We review your competitors to see what keywords you can leverage. 4. We setup your Google Ads campaign, monitor it, optimize it, and test headlines as we gather data for you. 5. We report to you on a regular basis and make sure we're meeting your goals and needs.

Why We Love Google Ads for Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Advertising PPC - Google Ads - Red Rat Media
With Google Ads we found a sweet spot..

Google Ads (in our opinion) are the best money you can spend on digital advertising to start seeing results in 90 days. Why? Because EVERYBODY GOOGLES STUFF.  

We found when we blend Google Ads campaigns (Paid Media like PPC - Pay-per-click) with Organic reach you get an amazing combination, and more importantly RESULTS: More traffic, more leads, more sales.

In other words, we found more success with a combination of Paid and Organic channels.. not just using one. Sure you can just run ads or just create content and still see results but doing both is better.

The 80/20 rule for Google Ads

If you're familiar with the Pareto Principle 80/20 rule, 80% of the results come from 20% of your efforts.

To us, Google Ads or PPC is that 20% because this is where you have the most control. There's less control with Organic posts like Social Media, SEO, etc but it's still important. 


If you're targeting the right keywords, you'll start seeing a MASSIVE boost in traffic in 90 days.

Goals for growth with Google Ads


More importantly, we focus on 3 goals for our clients to grow with Google Ads:

  1. Brand Awareness: These would be brand-specific keywords that we target with Google Ads. We also include non-branded keywords for direct response campaigns too that will solve a problem for a customer and ensure they're aware of who you are and how you can help. This results in more traffic.

  2. More Customers: Once someone knows you, they'll start to research your brand-specific keywords.. or your competitors keywords for that matter. If you're not showing up #1 in Google search results for your brand then customers will have a hard time to find you. With Google Ads you're guaranteed to show up #1 (unless someone else beats our your bid). If your ad campaigns are effective they'll not only bring traffic in but it will encourage customers to take an action, or "conversion" as we call it in the industry, e.g., sign up, purchase, book an appointment, phone calls, etc. resulting in more leads.

  3. Loyal Customers: Now that someone knows you and has been to your website before, it's time to retarget them with Google Ads. This has been the most effective way to remind them that you provide value to them and they can't help but think "many they're everywhere". This results in customers coming back for more, thus more sales.

Our Clients

“Red Rat Media is truly amazing!!! Rich AND TEAM made me feel comfortable and WERE super easy to work with. I would  recommend them to any contractor or home service provider that is looking to generate more CLIENTS from Google or online.“

                 — Tommy (Painting Contactor)

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