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Done-for-you Services

Dominate your online presence in 90 days. We offer done-for-you Search Marketing services to meet your needs whether you want to increase leads, traffic, or brand awareness.* Cancel anytime.

*We recommend a 90-day minimum Campaign to see traction.

Starter Rat Pack

Your choice of one: SEO, PPC, Email Management, CRO, or Social Media Management. Increase your leads by 20-40% year-over-year. 3X your traffic with qualified, targeted leads that convert and buy from you. *Excludes ad spend for PPC.

This includes:

Your choice of one: SEO, PPC, CRO, Email Management, or Social Media Management

Free RatSEO Report

1-month FREE

Fresh Content Updates

Monthly Reporting

Weekly Optimization

U.S.-based Account Manager

Pro Rat Pack


This is the intermediate plan that offers enhanced lead generation, personalized campaigns, and brand visibility. Includes SEO, PPC, and more. Includes everything in the Starter Pack. *Excludes ad spend.

This includes:

Full SEO: On-page, Off-page, Local SEO, Technical SEO

PPC - Google Ads Campaign Management
Full Access to RatEngine Software: All-in-one Sales & Marketing Platform
Full Website, Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and Funnels
Analytics Tracking
Reputation Management
Content Development for up 10 services and 10 cities
Custom Keyword Research
Conversion Rate Optimization

Elite Rat Pack


This is the premium plan that delivers comprehensive marketing solutions, including advanced analytics, extensive advertising campaigns, and targeted optimizations.

This includes:

Everything in Starter and Professional Plans
Custom Built Website up to 10 pages
Email/SMS Marketing Campaigns
Complete SEO Services & Weekly Optimization
Multiple PPC Campaigns
1,000+ Leads Per Month
Enhanced Content Development
Strategic Sales Funnels
Lead Magnet Creation
Full Access to Digital Marketing Workshops
Social Media Management

Awards & Partners

  • Can I cancel the service anytime?
    Absolutely, if you're not happy at any point in our relationship you can cancel any time.
  • Why do you recommend 90-day minimums?
    In the digital marketing and advertising space we recommend 90 days minimum to start to get traction because SEO, PPC, and Content Creation takes time to learn, test, and adjust for your customers. Once you have data and information gathered from keywords, a list starting to build, retargeting campaigns, etc we have a clearer picture of how your customers are engaging with your ads, offers, website.. we can see if they're converting or not converting and adjust accordingly. If you're expecting results right away on day 1 then I'm afraid we're not a good fit. We like to set these expectations early on so there aren't any surprises with our services.
  • Does your service guarantee sales?
    We cannot 100% guarantee you'll get sales from our services because there are often many factors that we need to test in order to help you succeed. Factors such as: Have you done the correct keyword research? Are you targeting the correct product-market fit? Is there friction in your funnel? Are you providing high value offers? Does your website convert customers? What does your follow-up or automations look like after you capture a lead? Is your sales team optimized to help close sales from incoming leads? What we do guarantee, however, is we'll work our BUTTS OFF to optimize your website, your strategy, content, local profiles, citations, and ad campaigns to get you: More Website Traffic More Brand Awareness More Phone Calls Higher Rankings and Visibility in Google Increase in Leads (YoY) Help Support Your Sales Growth (YoY)
  • Do you do one-off projects?
    We do, but rarely offer it because we find that having a long-term partnership instead of one-off projects is more beneficial for us AND our customers. We believe SEO, PPC, and Content Creation is an ongoing need for business owners so having a trusted marketing partner FOR LIFE instead of doing one-off projects is a win-win. In addition to our "Done-for-you" services, we also offer: Consulting "Done-with-you" services typically through coaching or workshops Free Resources such as our blog or our tools like RatGPT or RatSEO

Metrics Matter To Us

When it comes to PPC, tracking and measuring results is key.


Our dedicated and experienced PPC specialists look at key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • How much money was spent and how?

  • What was your average cost per click?

  • What was the average cost per lead?

  • What was your Conversion Rate?


We believe that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why conversion tracking is so important.

KPI tracking allows us to make all paid search and retargeting campaigns work for our clients’ unique business goals.


We perform routine split testing, headline updates, and fine-tuning to make sure you are getting the best return on investment.

Our Clients

“Red Rat Media is truly amazing!!! Rich AND TEAM made me feel comfortable and WERE super easy to work with. I would  recommend them to any contractor or home service provider that is looking to generate more CLIENTS from Google or online.“

                 — Tommy (Painting Contactor)

Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 1.09.50 PM.png

What To Expect From Us

Keyword Research

We perform in-depth keyword research in your area and also set negative keywords, so you’re only serving ads to the right customers.


Competitor Analysis

We complete a market analysis of your search area and competitors to get you higher ad positioning and lower cost per lead.

Data-driven Ads & Testing

Split testing ad copy and landing pages ensures the best-performing ads, to get our clients high quality leads at a lower cost per click.


Customized Approach

Pay-per-click campaigns give you the ability to scale lead generation and your marketing budget as you see fit.

Ready to dominate your business goals, faster? Get in touch below.

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