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How To Maximize Your Google Reviews

So you want to get more Google Reviews? Well you’re in the right place.

This is the BEST way to improve your online reputation.

Sure there are other review listings and review sites that you should also be on but when it comes to Google ideally this is the digital asset that needs to have the most reviews.

Why? Because everyone Googles!

If someone searches your brand you better show up with a Google Business Profile listing (that you own and have verified).

Your Google Reviews are tied to your Google Business profile listing.

Without this ownership you have zero control of your reputation.

The first step is to make sure you have ownership of the asset first. You may need to verify it with a video and several other steps that Google requires but once you own the listing you’re off to the races!

When it comes to Google Reviews we’ve found that if you treat your Google Business Profile listing like a Social Media platform it performs better.

So how do you maximize your Google Reviews?

  1. Get more of them! (but with the right timing): Simply go to your listing, and capture the share link. We use this link to send out to our past clients and retrieve reviews. Now timing is extremely important. You don’t want to ask for a review immediately. It always should be during a high point of the experience for the customer. For example: Customer just finished their meal and are walking out the door (context of food service), closing day of a property (context of Real Estate Agents), customer’s project is completed (home service company), a day or two after the user has signed up and used your SaaS tool, or after the customer has received and used the E-commerce product you sent them. By having at least 10 reviews it tells Google that you’re putting effort into getting sincere feedback from customers.

  2. Ask your past clients: With an email like this, “Hey, it’s been a while since we worked together but would appreciate it if you gave us a review <insert link here>”. Something as simple as this is useful to get reviews. Even if you haven’t worked with them in years it’s worth asking past clients or customers for a short review.

  3. Reply to EVERY review: Yes, every review whether they’re positive or negative reviews.

  4. Include targeted keywords on each reply: When you reply to a review make sure to mention the product or service name “Thanks for the amazing review and working with us on <insert service here>”.

  5. Personalize the reply: “We loved working with you on X, Y, Z… thank you so much for choosing us. It was so fun when X happened..” This shows to other prospective customers that you actually care.

  6. Carefully approach negative reviews: Sure, sometimes there will be random zero stars or sometimes a client relationship doesn’t work out, welcome to the world of business. It’s impossible to make every customer 100% happy, however, what you can do about a negative review is respond professionally and offer something to resolve the situation. What this does: Shows professionalism to prospective customers.

If you want to go EVEN deeper on how to optimize your Google Business Listing for SEO, check out our Local SEO Checklist for your Google Business Profile Listing (14 Tactics).

Don’t have time to do this for your brand? We offer Reputation Management, SEO, and PPC services to help you optimize for Google, just contact us below.

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