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1% Profits To Battle Alcohol Addiction 

As far back as I remember my mother was addicted heavily to alcohol. 

She was a beautiful soul, kind, respectful, and fun person when she was sober but became a completely different person under the influence of alcohol.

The fact is she was addicted and couldn't control it.

Over time she made poor decisions while drinking and it drastically hurt my parents relationship, causing them to divorce when I was 8 years old. 

Unfortunately my mother couldn't handle her addiction to alcohol and it caused her to have many health problems as she got older.

Eventually in her 40s she was diagnosed with cancer, she battled it for years but unfortunately it took her life not longer after.

I believe addiction is hard to battle but I know if she had the right support and mindset she needed at the time things would have turned out differently for her.

Addiction, for an obvious reason, is something I care deeply about to help others fight and eradicate from their lives.. especially alcohol addiction because it impacted my life so much.

In particular, the weight addiction puts on the spouse and children is something I hope to help others feel less burdened with by contributing to the addiction centers and communities that help others in need of this support.

This is why we contribute 1% of our profits and time at Red Rat Media to helping Addiction centers battle this disease for their patients... a cause I feel strongly about.

-Rich | Founder & CEO

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